Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing, Subscription, Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal. We will invoice you through PayPal and accept payments through them. Don’t worry if you do not have a PayPal account. You can pay with your credit/debit card using PayPal without having or setting up an account.

Are subdomains included in my subscription?

We license every domain and subdomain separately. You can have several subdomains under one account, but you need a separate subscription per subdomain. If you have 10 or more subdomains, contact us to understand how best to handle this.

Does one pricing plan offer higher compliance than another?

With all plans you get the same quality and are fully compliant. The only difference between plans is the number of pages on your site.

Compliance, Technical

How long until my site is compliant?

After we receive your payment and login details for your website, it can take up to 48 hours. You’ll see the interface immediately after installation and that solves about 30% of the requirements, but you won’t be fully compliant until up to 48 hours later when we issue your statement of accessibility that doubles as a certificate of performance.

What web accessibility standards does your system conform to?

The three most important ones are WCAG 2.1 (AA Level), ADA Title III, and AODA (Canada). It is also compliant with Section 508 (US government), ACA (US health care), EAA/EN 301 548 (European Union), and IS 568 (Israel).

What about closed captioning of videos?

Closed captioning requires that your video be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo (another video sharing site similar to YouTube). If your video is not currently on one of those sites, we can set up a free account for you and place your video there. (We could also set up a paid account which gives you more features.)

The videos on our site are hosted on Vimeo. We recommend Vimeo as they are more flexible than YouTube and do not show ads after a video finishes playing. (If you are curious about Vimeo, you can check them out by clicking here.)

Regarding costs, closed captioning is charged separately due to the complex technical requirements. Please contact us with a link to view your video and we shall give you an estimate.

Can I see an example of a policy statement about website accessibility?

Yes, you can see the one for this website, which represents basic (Level A) ADA and WCAG web accessibility compliance, by clicking here.

You can also view the one used on our sister website, Local Marketing Sense, which reflects full (Level AA) ADA and WCAG compliance by clicking here.

Can my Accessibility Statement be edited?

Yes. Let us know how you wish it changed and we will take of it in approximately 48 hours.

What assistance can you provide if I get a demand letter or sued?

We will make available our Litigation Support Package for you, in case you need to prove your ADA website compliance, and it guides you through the process.

If a licensee receives a demand letter and contacts us for assistance, we go through the following process. First, we perform a compliance audit along with two scans: an internal scan and an external one. We use two scans because a third-party scanner concurring with our results is an added assurance. We will then provide our Accessibility Statement, along with our Suggested Response (a form letter we have used to great effect). We will include with this your Purchase Invoice, a Compliance Overview (to explain to the other party how our tool functions and so on), and a Failures Request Master. The Failures Request Master is a spreadsheet in which a complainant can log and document specific perceived accessibility failures or holes and request review of them. In the vast majority of cases, our licensees do not even receive a response to the Suggested Response.

What do you mean by "full" compliance?

Achieving 100% compliance is technically not possible and no service provider can promise this. One major reason for this is that there could be coding errors on your site’s source could which cause our AI (Artificial Intelligence) engines to misidentify or not identify various elements, and this could lead to accessibility holes. We have no ability to change your site’s source code and would not be able to correct for this error.

Another reason is that to determine the degree of compliance, a scan or an audit must be performed. One method to scan or audit may be slightly different than another producing minutely different results.

Thus, “full compliance” is generally considered to be above 90%, but we consistently achieve over 95% compliance. (Please bear in mind that in the vast majority of cases, our system functions perfectly soon after installation.)

Does your system use cookies?

No, we use local storage that is on the user side, not the server side, which enables us to function
without affecting GDPR or storing any user data.  

Local storage refers to the storage of data on a user’s browser, so as not to transmit personal data.